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Volunteer of the Year 2016 – Carolyn Escoto

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra is successful because of many people and organizations. Our Volunteers are a vital part of that success, the meat and bones, the heart and soul of our program. They make things happen with our students and in the background.

Your time, skill, devotion and energy are some of our most valuable assets!

We welcome your participation and eagerly look forward to a fun filled and rewarding time for all!

Volunteer Opportunities

[expand title=”Outdoor Operations:”]Teaching and assisting teaching people with disabilities to ski and snowboard in winter or learning new skills on summer adventures. Skiers, snowboarders, fishermen, kayakers, climbers, outdoors-people, handy-people…anyone with the appropriate skills who’s willing to work (and have fun) is welcome to apply.[/expand]
[expand title=”Second Chance Thrift Shop:“]Our retail store has become a significant part of our organization, and has been growing and growing since it was first opened. If you love racking up sales in a super fun, fast-paced environment, you’ll love being part of this exciting team![/expand]
[expand title=”Fundraising: “]We have several opportunities for volunteers to help with our fundraising efforts. You could assist with fundraising events such as our Island Extravaganza event or Reach The Peak mail campaign, or volunteer to help with fundraising for our National Wounded Warrior Center endeavor. Contact us to see what is the best fit for you![/expand]
[expand title=”Qualifications “] For the Winter Program Skiing volunteers should be strong intermediate to advanced skiers who can demonstrate a “balanced stance,” (hips over feet, knees over toes). Snowboarding volunteers are welcome if they can Alpine Ski to the above level and have access to appropriate Alpine equipment. Snowboarding Volunteers on snowboard equipment are welcome if the volunteer has prior professional snowboard instruction experience. Volunteers receive a complimentary lift ticket for use on the day they teach and a transferable, complimentary ticket for every 6 hours worked. Volunteers will receive on-snow training clinics during the season and when qualified will be encouraged to become a certified adaptive instructor. Alpine and Snowboard Volunteer Instructors will need to attend a 2-day (returning Instructors) or a 3-day (new Instructors) training session in November or December, complete appropriate paperwork prior to training and complete a background screen. Nordic Volunteers should be strong intermediate to advanced skiers who can demonstrate a “balanced stance” and have the capability to assist another individual. Nordic Instructors will need to attend a half day policies and procedures module and a 1-day on snow training scheduled in the fall or early winter and complete a background screen. Volunteers interested in winter opportunities should submit their applications in fall. They will then be contacted for an in person or phone interview. On snow volunteers new to DSES will need to pass a skills assessment to make sure that they have the skills necessary to safely and competently instruct skiing or snowboarding students. The skills assessment will be given during Day 1 of the three day training mentioned above. Once a volunteer has passed the skills assessment they can then complete a background screen. Applications received after start-up trainings are complete will be forwarded to the following year’s trainings.  For the Summer Program Volunteers should have a general knowledge of summer outdoor activities. Skills including camping, hiking, rock climbing, boating-fishing, kayaking, nature, etc. will be helpful. Some training will be provided. Volunteers interested in summer opportunities should submit their applications in spring. Applications received after start-up trainings are complete will be forwarded to the following year’s trainings. For General Help Year-Round – General Help volunteers should have handyman, fix-it type skills or office skills and be ready to work! We will consider anyone with special skills. Volunteer hours can be counted as community service hours. [/expand]
[expand title=”Background Checks”] Background screening is required to assure the safety of our students and staff. DSES utilizes the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) to conduct this screening. DSES will provide you, as a volunteer, with a self-registration ID number. You can then simply go to their secure website and input your information. This may take 10 to 15 minutes. In approximately 10 days your screening will be complete and a designated member of our staff will receive a message regarding your screen that will be either a green light or a red light. If you get a green light, you are good to go and no further action will be required. If you receive a red light, you may be asked for more information from NCSI. Upon completion of your screen we will then determine if you are eligible to be a volunteer. We might require additional information from you. At no time will we receive any of your personal data, other than what may have caused a red light to appear. Your screen will be good for three years, at which time we may ask you to perform another screen to get everything up to date. You will need to have a completed background check prior to attending winter/summer start-up training. A completed background check means we have received the green light from NCIS so you need to complete the online portion of this at least two weeks prior to your scheduled start up training session. The cost for this screen is $36.25 which we ask you to pay. If you have an issue with providing your information over the internet, there is an option for hard copy service which can be submitted by mail, although this will take a few more days to complete. There is an additional $5 fee for paper applications. More information is found here or call the DSES office 760.934.0791. [/expand]