Mark’s thoughts for volunteers on Winter 2020-2021

Guiding principles

  1. Safety of Everyone – We will only operate our program if we feel we have maximized the safety of all individuals and minimized any opportunity to have the coronavirus enter our area or be spread by within our area through interactions with others.
  2. Continue to offer quality adaptive sports to as many individuals as we can safely accommodate.
  3. Alignment with State and County Guidelines, at a minimum.
  4. Follow MMSA’s Guidelines in addition to ours in areas where we overlap.

We understand that for some of you, volunteering with DSES may be something you choose not to do this season. Please know that we support any decision you make regarding this. We value your participation in past seasons and we look forward to your return in future seasons only when you are personally comfortable. Challenge by Choice!


  • Contactless – phone, email, text
  • No more walk-up lessons
  • Covid prescreening for athletes and caregivers
  • Daily Covid screenings for staff and volunteers
  • Daily temperature scans for staff, students, volunteers, etc.


  • Alpine lessons
    • 3 lesson options per day: 9:30am-12:00pm, 10:30am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-3:30pm
    • New 1.5 hour lesson for beginners, those who need a shorter lesson, etc.
    • Rentals – most all outside – we are awaiting more details from MMSA
  • Nordic lessons
    • 3 lesson options per day: 9:30am-12:00pm, 10:30am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-3:30pm
    • Increased participation
  • Season start
    • Maximum of 5 students per session (AM, PM, and 1.5hr)
    • Staff only as primary instructors, volunteers as secondaries
    • We will expand the number of lessons offered and use volunteers as primaries only once we are confident in all our new procedures

Indoor Spaces

  • Staff only, or in case of emergencies
  • Restrooms still accessible to all, but it’s an in and out trip

Outdoor Spaces

  • Where the magic happens 🙂
  • Check-ins, assessments, equipment fittings, wrap-ups, etc will all happen outside
  • Breaks – outside only – no more gondola rides for breaks
  • We will have our own ski/snowboard racks
  • We are working to build racks for volunteers and guests to hang backpacks, bags, etc.

Your gear

  • Plan to bring it with you and take it home daily – either to your car or home
  • During lessons there will be a space/rack for you to leave jackets, bags, etc.

Storm Days

  • Lessons cancelled for the next day if forecasted wind chill factor is less than 10°F.
  • We will assess the next day’s weather and inform volunteers and students in the afternoon if lessons are cancelled the following day. If we cancel lessons for the afternoon during the morning, we will inform volunteers and students as soon as we can.

Masks/Covid Considerations/Cleaning

  • Masks will be worn:
    • Anytime you are inside
    • In our outside meeting area
    • In the lift line
    • On the lift
    • Any other time we are within 6ft of others (includes biski and on-hill assists)
  • Chairlifts – ride with students, staff, volunteers only – no longer ride with the public to fill the chair
  • Cleaning – we have strict protocols regarding cleaning/disinfecting of all types of equipment and gear


  • Preseason volunteer training – offered as a mix of virtual and in person, on snow learning
  • Morning clinics – offered as usual, some limits on size due to safety

Updated 10-6-2020