Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra provides coaching and instruction in a variety of adaptive sports to challenge and empower athletes all year long whether gliding down a snow-covered mountainside, cruising on a bicycle, or paddling across a placid lake.

DSES makes outdoor recreation accessible and affordable by keeping fees low and customizing each activity to individual athletes’ goals. Our goal is for everyone to be active year round.

Daily Lessons

Personalized instruction in winter and summer sports including alpine and cross country skiing, snowboarding, cycling, mountain biking, and flatwater paddling.

Virtual Programs

Join us online for a variety of programs designed to enhance fitness and connection for adaptive athletes and their friends and families.

Group & Family Programs

Customized group programs, family camps, and weekly sports meet ups.

Paralympic Development Camps

Multi-day skills development programs in a variety of Paralympic sports.

Military Sports Programs

Opportunities for military athletes and wounded warriors.

Private Coaching

Our talented staff is available to help you work toward personal goals. If you’re interested in working toward a specific goal, online or in person, that doesn’t fit our traditional offerings, call 760.934.0791 or send us an email to learn more.

Tell Us What You Think!

We love to learn from your experiences with DSES.