Volunteer Awards

2022 Awards

Volunteer of the Year: Risto Mitrovich

Instructor of the Year: Paul Bissell

Rookie of the Year: Lynn LaBelle

Teen Volunteer of the Year: Grant Lee

Jack Copeland Award: Katherine Landau



  1. Andrea Pighetti
  2. Ron Allin
  3. Frank Wagoner
  4. Kalia Prescott
  5. Phil Watts
  6. Steve West
  7. Alyssa Joo
  8. Kelli Sharp


SKI PE Instructors

  1. Emma Riahi
  2. Matthew Hall
  3. Chris Bubser
  4. Barb Kubarych
  5. Ken Kubarych
  6. Steve West


Awards for Extravaganza Team: Amy Ambellan and Crew, AnneMarie Hall, Maureena Rojas-Duran, Patti Jones, Joyce Kobashi, Maureen Baker, Randee Levin, Kathleen Taylor, Ally Shaw, PAT and EL Smoogen, Kim Montgomery, Robin Lee, Jack Leonard, Wade Perry, Jeremy DeCell, Luke Hurley, Tom Schroeder, Hilary Schroeder


LEGENDS of DSES Award: This award is to recognize a collective group of individuals who have been involved in the program for a long time and have had an outstanding presence/involvement this year:

  1. Tom Schroeder
  2. Carolyn Escoto
  3. Hilary Schroeder
  4. Randee Levin


PSIA Certification recognition: Quite the year for exams! We had 16 people pass 17 exams this year!

  1. Tom Szeto PSIA Alpine Level 1
  2. Ron Allin PSIA Alpine Level 1
  3. Alyssa Joo PSIA Alpine Level 1
  4. Grant Lee PSIA Alpine Level 1
  5. Emily Jones PSIA Alpine Level 1
  6. Samantha Jones PSIA Alpine Level 1
  7. Taylor Batten PISA Alpine Level 1
  8. Madison Sigmon PSIA Alpine Level 1, AASI Snowboard Level 2 Ride
  9. Brant Reed PSIA Alpine Level 2 Ski
  10. Katherine Landau PSIA Level 2 Ski
  11. Steve West PSIA Level 2 Ski
  12. Jake Mayer PSIA Level 2 Ski
  13. Michael Salvatierra AASI Snowboard Level 2 Ride
  14. Paul Bissell PSIA Alpine Level 2 Teach
  15. Barb Bemis PSIA Adaptive Level 2 Mono-ski/Bi-ski
  16. Emily Estremo PSIA Alpine Level 3 Ski