Volunteer Resources

This will take you to the volunteer shift calendar, hours sign out, and voucher request form. You can use these to sign up for training and lessons, sign out after your lessons, and request vouchers.

This will take you to the progress notes you need to fill out after your lessons. Choose the appropriate sport for your lesson!

Required Forms

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Please make sure you have completed the following steps.

1.Complete our volunteer application and liability, along with the Move United Liability and Media Release. If you clicked the “Sign Up Today” button on the Volunteer page, you may have already completed these.

This form must be completed before volunteering with Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra.

DSES is a chapter of Move United which provides resources and insurance for adaptive sports and athletes in the United States.

If you are interested in volunteering in other ways aside from instructing, you don’t need to complete the next steps. Please reach out to our office at 760.934.0791 or at Info@DisabledSportsEasternSierra.Org to get more information about being involved in other ways.

2.Complete a background check with NCSI. You can choose to have DSES pay OR to pay yourself. Cost is dependent on where you have lived in the past 5 years. Please choose ONE of the following:

3. Complete Safe Sport course. This is a requirement for anyone 18 years or older for working with minors and individuals under guardianship of another. If you are under the age of 18, you do NOT need to complete this. Please complete either the Core course OR the Refresher.

Follow these directions if you have never completed a SafeSport course or if it has been more than 2 years since you completed a SafeSport Trained Course. This should take you approximately 2.5 hours. **Trigger warning: this course covers a variety of topics on how to observe and report abuse.** 

Follow these directions if you have completed the SafeSport Trained course within the last 2 years. You need to complete a refresher every year. You will need to complete the first Refresher course. This should take you about 1 hour.