Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteerism At Its Best by Rick Wood

Think about it. It’s not just little League and AYSO coaches. It is also firefighters, hospital and Cast Off workers, library workers, educators from elementary school through college, to name just a few. Do you know anyone who doesn’t volunteer for something?

To the Volunteers of DSES by Dave Owings

We all do things for other people, and working with the disabled community makes us nice people. But to actually be a better human being, means that you bring some element of the human spirit that is not often seen or heard of. Giving your own free time to something and watching it grow and develop means you give up one of the most important things you own; your time.

Thank you in advance for the difference you will make. Spread the word and if you have questions, call Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra at 760.934.0791 or e-mail info@disabledsportseasternsierra.org.

Volunteers Tom & Hilary Schroeder host the annual Volunteer Kick-off Party each November.

Volunteers Tom & Hilary Schroeder host an annual Volunteer Winter Season Kick-Off Party for all the great Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra volunteers at their gorgeous home in Mammoth Lakes!